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Unique Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services Throughout Jupiter, West Palm Beach & Boca Raton, Florida

When associated with rich content, professional search engine optimization (SEO) services from Can They See You can make the difference between your website being a magnet for targeted visitors who want you products or services or a way station where those who are lost on the Internet stop for a moment. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important factor when it comes to getting your webpages, blogs, images, and video on page one of an Internet search.

What is SEO

SEO involves the use of specific keywords and phrases in online content and Internet-based tools. The proper utilization, including placement, of the right keywords helps to enhance search engine results for webpages, blogs, images, and videos. It’s important to use keywords naturally, as over the years search engines have become amazingly advanced and readily recognize the overuse of keywords in order to simply attract hits, a practice known as “keyword stuffing.”

The Basic Tools

Often, the successful use of a technique such as SEO comes down to having command of the basic tools. Although you can create your own SEO, working with those who thoroughly understand the ins and outs of this important technique, such as the professionals at Can They See You, can make the difference between your pages being found in the forefront of a search or being pushed to the back of the line of organic search results.

The SEO pros at Can They See You will ably develop your keyword list for your webpages, blog, images, and videos. Along with creating the list, we’ll optimize the content that people read and search engines scan and analyze. Plus, we will properly utilize the various tools associated with SEO, such as meta titles and meta descriptions, which serve as summaries of longer content, are scanned by engines, and are often displayed in search results.

Ongoing Service

SEO is never finished. It demands some degree of ongoing service. There are various reasons for this. The first is that search engines, especially Google, continue to change their parameters for organic search and what constitutes the proper use of keywords. Also, SEO is a technique that involves some test-driving. Once your content is online and being ranked, it needs to be monitored, and in order to get optimum results, SEO often has to be adjusted.

Finally, the relationship between search engines and content is analogous to a serious personal relationship between two people. In a personal relationship, often things go flat and one person becomes disinterested in the other. To get the bored person’s attention again, the other person will change their appearance and that results in renewed interest on the part of their partner.

Like an ongoing couple, search engines can become disinterested in the same old content. They are drawn to fresh content. Blogging offers engines ongoing new copy to scan, but your static webpages do not. They are like that person in the relationship who looks the same day after day. Thus, it’s always a good idea after 12 to 18 months to revitalize your static pages with new copy and SEO. This new look will make your website attractive once again to the search engines whose interest you want to attract.

Ready for Quality SEO Services in Florida

For a free SEO consultation and to discuss other Internet related services contact Can They See You today by calling 410-303-6889 , or you may contact us by using the form located to the right on this page. We’ll work with and for you, developing your SEO for best results.