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Can They See You: Effective Video and Image Marketing Services in West Palm Beach, Jupiter & all of Florida

Interestingly enough, even though search engines thrive on rich content, when push comes to shove, the Internet is overall a visual medium where your success is grounded more and more in video and image marketing. The professional marketing team at Can They See You is riding the cutting edge of this trend and would like to take you and your company on what can be a very successful marketing journey.

Video and Image Marketing Context

Search engines do not specially search videos or images, however, if you’ve had the descriptions of your published videos and images properly optimized, they can be found by using either the “videos” or “images” features on your search engine. That’s a small but important aspect of visual marketing.

But a more important part of video and image marketing is the fact the people are wanting to read less and less, and want to get more information as quickly as possible through visual mediums. That means any videos or images that you use online must be high quality, interesting, and appropriate to your website, social media page, YouTube channel, blog, or any other communicative aspect of the Internet you’re incorporating in your presence.

What’s Important

Quality images and video are extremely important. Useful and/or entertaining videos that are embedded in your webpages, blogs, and social media sites can captivate visitors, while those videos that are uninteresting, or that contain no useful content or deliver that content poorly will be a strike against you.

Also, it’s important for your business to have its own YouTube channel where those who are interested in your getting information can access videos. If you’re creating informative videos or promotional pieces, they need to be relatively short, between 30 seconds and two minutes, well written, and executed cleanly. They don’t necessarily have to be topnotch, premium quality videos that are expensive to shoot, but they do need to be well done. In essence, they should be a pleasure to watch.

The same is true of images. They should be of a good resolution and not appear to be grainy, make sense in terms of the subject matter being treated, and, if they are instructional, useful and accurate. Use pictures to break up text, emphasize or illustrate a point, or create a context for written information.

Also effective in conveying information are info-graphics, charts, graphs, and other such visual pieces that contain small amounts of useful text and rely heavily on conveying messages visually.

Are You Missing Out?

If you’re not using videos and images in all aspects of your online presence, then you are truly missing out on what is one of the most powerful aspects of online marketing. Images and videos can be a great way to connect with those who visit your site, checkout your Facebook page, or read your blog. Plus, when you use these elements with text, it helps break up the copy for the reader, offers them something visually stimulating, keeping then interested, and enlivens their imagination.

The team at Can They See You can coordinate your video and image marketing with all other parts of your online presence, making it an integral element of your overall customer development and retention strategy.

We Have Professionals for Quality Video & Image Marketing

The professionals at Can They See You are ready to serve all of your online marketing needs, including those associated with visual media. Through a coordinated effort, we’ll make sure that this all-important part of your marketing strategy and message is delivered in a manner that provides useful information in an engaging, professional way.

For more information on video and image marketing and for a free consultation, contact Can They See You today by calling us at 410-303-6889 , or you may simply fill out the short form located on the right hand side of this page. One of our team members will contact you shortly to arrange a meeting at a time that is convenient for you.