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Your Website Design and Effectiveness: Five Mistakes that Turn Off Visitors

An attractive website can be a magnet for visitors. Especially if it is properly search engine optimized and easy to find by using Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. However, getting people to your website is just the first part of the battle. The Second part is enticing them to stay a while and navigate to various pages, and the third part is convincing them to return. Here are five website mistakes people make that result in visitors turning off, tuning out, and never returning.

Slow Site Load Times

If your site loads slowly, you’ve got two big problems. The first is visitor frustration. Sites that load at a crawl, stall, or crash are unattractive. The Internet is about convenience, and there is nothing more inconvenient than a site that wastes someone’s time.

The other problem with slow load times is that they push your page further down on the list of search engine results. Thus, your SEO and content may get you a page one listing, but slow load time may push you down numerous pages, making people a lot less likely to find you.

Too Hard to Navigate

One-click navigation is best. If someone has to click through two, three, or four pages to find what they want, then chances are they will never get to it. A website that is designed in a logical fashion and that allows someone to go from the homepage, to a sub-page, and then to that specific page they are looking for, will keep people on your site and coming back.

Another problem with navigation occurs when people use too many tabs, colors that are unattractive, fonts that are too small to read, and designs that are simply too difficult to comprehend in terms of being able to go from one part of your site to another. The basic idea is don’t get too fancy. Make it easy on the visitor to find what they want.

Problems with Videos

Videos can be a great way to attract visitors to and keep them on your site. However, slow loading, poor streaming, or low quality videos will hurt your site and turn people away quickly. You’re better off not using videos if they cannot be properly accommodated. That being said, every business should have its own YouTube channel and use it. It’s free and can be a major asset to your enterprise.

Misdirecting Visitors

When a visitor gets misdirected to a page they don’t want to go to chances are they will simply leave your site. No one wants to be sold something in which they are not interested and no one wants to be tricked by your site. Websites need to build trust and this practice works against this effort entirely.

There’s an additional problem with misdirecting people. Search engines, especially Google, frown upon the practice. Your website may be penalized for such actions by being suspended from search engine results for months, making it impossible for people to find your site.

Annoying Popups

One popup, as long as it’s easy to click off, is fine. But ongoing popups will impede people from navigating your site quickly and efficiently. Once again, who is going to return to a site that makes it difficult for them to find what they want? Keep popups to an absolute minimum. If a visitor wants what you’re selling, allow them to easily find it but don’t try to force them to buy.

Make It a Pleasant Experience

Basically, you want your website to be welcoming, easy to navigate, and a quality experience. Attractive sites that inform while selling are great for businesses and will get consumers interested and keep them coming back. Think of your website as one of your major resources for building trust amongst potential customers, and you won’t go wrong.

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